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My collectors are important to me and I use only professional high quality artist materials and mediums.  All paints and pigments used are all 100% light fast and will not fade when displayed under normal home conditions. All canvases come stretched and unframed unless otherwise noted.  All paintings recieve three coats of varnish for the best protection from the elements.


I am proud to offer buyers and collectors a representation of my works and who I am as an individual through the artwork which I create. My paintings are an expression of me and how I generally feel, which is Happy.  


All paintings present equally well on display either as plain stretched canvases or framed.     

I hope you enjoy displaying my original works as much as I have enjoyed creating them. 


Art captures the imagination and the soul and lives and breaths within us all and I have created these with a true sense of love, joy and abandon for life.


Be here now.




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